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I have been recently testing out some SIEM (Secuirty Incident & Event Management) software by SolarWinds there LEM product, (a review for another post perhaps). During the testing I can across the requirement to relay mail notification emails out to a set of test users (this typically being IT, 3rd Line in my scenario) based on certain events, I wanted to ensure the rules were being fired correctly. I haven’t really come across this requirement before in testing so had to give this some thought. I didn’t really want to stand up a whole mail environment with clients etc in my lab simply due to complexity and configuration hassle that I should imagine it would entail, it also takes the focus off what I’m actually trying to achieve. ¬†Whilst googling some idea’s for ‘quick and dirty mail deployments’ I came across ‘’. essentially allows you to relay mail out across the Internet to there mail servers without it actually being forwarded onto the end recipient, a little bit like a fake smtp server. It is specifically designed for test, dev and QA environments for testing mail notifications without actually sending emails to customers or users. You can view the email messages online.

You can sign up for free account which gives you a single mailbox and allows you to receive upto 50 email messages. You receive a username and password and all the other details required for relaying mail, such as smtp address etc. These can be reset at the flick of a button enabling you to reset the creds at the end of your lab session.

Thumbs up for I will be using this again in the future no doubt check it out at