Pivoting with netsh in Windows – post exploitation goodness!

Move across a network by pivoting with netsh in windows!

Just a quick post to demonstrating pivoting with netsh in Windows. More specifically port forwarding with netsh in Windows (Windows 7 and above). This really is great as your not having to upload any tools to the target system. It is limited in its functionality however, is a great option for say a single port such as 445 or 3389.

netsh interface portproxy add v4tov4 listenport=<LPORT> listenaddress= connectport=<RPORT> connectaddress=<RHOST>

Now if you don’t have interactive logon rights but you have a PSEXEC, PTH or even a meterpreter session you can add a port forward on you target system and pivot to your next target with SMB/445. This is especially great when you think of tools like PSEXEC module in Metasploit or the main other remote CMD tools available. Now you could use the autoroute or route add function in Metasploit but its nice to have a backup plan if you didn’t have Metasploit!

You can use the below to display your port forwarding rules:

netsh interface portproxy show all

Just remember to clear down your port forwarding rules when your finished with:

netsh interface portproxy reset

This all comes together like the below: (you can see here i have just used random ports just to give you an example how it looks).

Pivoting with netsh in Windows