Project Bash – a new Linux command every day.

Learn a new Linux command every day.

So the idea of ‘Project Bash’ is to learn and discover some new and exciting Linux bash commands, old and new. The way I’m going to do this is by attempting to post about a new command every so often some old and some new. I was inspired by this from a recent Hak5 upload on YouTube here. This wasn’t the usual run of the mill Hak5 show but something a bit different talking about life hacks – check it out.

Why do I want to do this? Well as a penetration tester we are constantly piecing together lines of bash code to either automate something or modifying lines of code in a loop. Essentially the quicker and easier I can do this the better, and so will aid in my penetration testing.

How will I find new commands? I have O’Reilly’s ‘bash – Pocket Reference’ along with the RTFM (Red Team Field Manual’ which will aid in the process as well as living in Linux day in day out. Both are great books you should check them out, however they are reference manuals more than anything not a sit-down and read for an hour. I will simply dip in and out of the books and online to find a new command at random. Test it out obviously in bash and do a super quick write up!

Project Bash

Here are the posts: