Penetration Testing in GNS3

Penetration Testing in GNS3 – The Practice

In order to practice some of the techniques required to successfully penetration test it is essential to be able to test in a safe a lawful environment. taking into consideration some of these laws i talk about here. Below is a network diagram from GNS3, one of the platform I use to practice some of these penetration testing techniques in a safe environment. This is a typical lab I use to practice pentesting.

So whats on the network then?

As can be seen from the diagram there is a range of devices from servers to PC’s, different types of Networking devices etc. The idea here being to simulate weak infrastructure and vulnerabilities on different devices. There are two attack engagement types available in this scenario, each with a Kali VM positioned at the point of entry into the network. The first being at the top of the network simulating a test from an external position, the second being on the internal ‘PC Network’.

To be continued…..